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Woodworking with Hand Tools

This class will introduce the selection, use, and maintenance of the basic hand tools used in traditional woodworking. We will also discuss basic joinery used in traditional woodworking. This is a 4 hour class.

This class is not a class in carpentry, but rather a class in the basic joinery methods used to build furniture in a traditional manner.

After completing this class, an individual should be able to select and assemble a basic set of tools for traditional hand tool woodworking and have a basic idea of how to use them. We will use this basic tool set in future classes to begin making simple projects that will teach the proper use of the tools.

Time and space permitting, we will begin learning to use some of the tools in a hands-on environment.

There are no prerequisites for this class other than an interest in woodworking, simple note taking materials, and maybe your camera or cell phone, if you want to take pictures while we work.

Please note: This is class one in a 3 part series, other 2 class will build on this one and result in a finished product! Details will be provided during this class.


Dan has been working with wood since childhood, whittling stick animals as a child, then working in carpentry as a teen, and various areas of the construction trade through his adult life.

For the past 25 years or so, Dan has been pursuing traditional hand tool woodworking, building furniture of various types, and functional machines such as a blacksmith’s bellows, a floor loom, and many other similar items.

In 2014, Dan and his wife moved to the Jasper area, and with the help of a few friends, built his own woodworking shop, primarily using timber framing techniques. He has worked in this shop now for several years, building projects for himself and friends, and an occasional commissioned piece.

Dan has taught a number of individuals how to use traditional hand tools to build furniture, and is now available to teach classes at the Southern Appalachian Folks School.

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